Concrete Slab Over Void

Description: 6” steel reinforced concrete slab over void form and metal deck or OSB to allow for movement of expansive soils.

Features/Benefits: Lowest profile structural floor. Allows for soil expansion to approximately 80% of specified void height. Protection from damage due to expansive soils. Extremely strong lateral load resistance. Quiet acoustics with virtually zero deflection across the floor surface.

Specifications: 8” wide by 6” or 8” tall wall void at 2’0” on center with OSB or 4’0” on center with metal deck substrate. 6” reinforced concrete slab with #4 and #5 rebar.

About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality structural floors possible through innovation in design, efficiency in the field, and volume material purchasing programs. Our goal is to assist the home building community in dealing with the challenges presented by the expansive soils prevalent in Colorado.

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