Elevated Concrete Decks

Description: Stamped concrete over waterproofed steel frame provides an extremely rigid, durable and low maintenance deck system.

Features/Benefits: Choice of stamped concrete patterns, durable wear surface, can incorporate radiant heat for snow melt. Waterproofing allows for underside of deck to be finished with T&G cedar, lighting and speakers. Patio below is sheltered from inclement weather. Quiet acoustics with virtually zero deflection across the deck surface.

Specifications: Stamped concrete over waterproof membrane. 10” steel joists flush with W10 perimeter steel beams. Railing, stairs, waterproof membrane, and concrete by others.

About Us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality structural floors possible through innovation in design, efficiency in the field, and volume material purchasing programs. Our goal is to assist the home building community in dealing with the challenges presented by the expansive soils prevalent in Colorado.

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